Bowled but Not Out

bowled but not out cover 2This book is a short farce.

Jenny is desperate for Jasmine, her ex-boss at the library, to fall in love with her, but is thwarted at every turn. She takes a new job and moves to a flat the other side of town. Her upstairs neighbour Julian is also looking for love, and is instantly attracted to Jenny’s car when his marriage to another falls through.
Julian makes wooden bowls and uses them as bait, while Jenny finds evidence that Jasmine’s new boyfriend has been unfaithful. She dashes to tell Jasmine what she has discovered, only for it to backfire when her personal library files reveal dozens of images that she has secretly taken.
Convinced that Julian is deeply in love with her to the point he is about to ask for her hand in marriage, and that his aunt is her haughty personnel manager at work whose son Christopher is two-timing her beloved Jasmine, Jenny sets about putting everybody straight.

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