Thomas Cade Wadner 1885-1971 Captain, Kings Royal Rifle Corps

tcw front coverRaised in rural Bedfordshire, Thomas Cade Wadner grew up in difficult and challenging times. He was a man of few words, and like many who endured a tough existence he rarely spoke about his experiences. Following eighteen months of extensive historical research, Philip Wadner reveals the highs and lows of his grandfather’s life some half a century after his death.

Thomas’ story is substantially more than a collection of cold facts. Although nobody alive today remembers much about him, fragments of information have been moulded into a series of vivid biographical sketches. Who were his immediate ancestors? What was his life like as a child? What happened when he joined the British Army in 1904, and then when he was recalled to fight in the Great War? What did he do when he returned to civilian life?

Included are previously buried details of Thomas’ ancestry, outlines of his siblings’ lives showing how theirs compared to his, a snapshot of his future wife’s early days, and how he spent his twilight years. The book closes with vibrant vignettes of his five children.

The author captures the feel and spirit of his grandfather’s life, paints evocative images of times past, and triggers hidden memories. This book is for everyone who has Thomas Wadner in their family tree, and for anyone who wishes for a taste of life as it used to be.

ISBN: 978-0-9931987-6-2

Price £9.99

Amazon Reviewer: What made this book all the more appealing was the story behind the story – almost nothing was known of the author’s grandfather, Thomas Cade Wadner, as he rarely spoke of his experiences and family who knew him had all passed away; no photographs of his earlier life were known to exist and the man was barely a shadow

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