Three Courses – Short Stories from Creative Writing Modules

9780993198731This anthology of short stories brings together some of the author’s writing from the Open University’s Creative Writing Module. Fifteen stories present the reader with a diverse cocktail of subject matter. Steamy Nights tells of hidden undercurrents within human relationships, Spoiled Pig and Chocolate Surprise portray revenge in quite different ways, and The Last Picnic is a heartbreaking story about cheating at the worst possible time. Penny Bridge is a longer tale which would be categorised as Life Writing, as would The Man with the Smile and Two Minutes Silence. For dessert, the author has included ten microfiction stories. Each one is a complete tale, and is told in less than 250 words. Throw in a haunting ghost story, a splash of humour, and a dash of fantasy, and this eclectic mix should have something to please most tastes.

ISBN: 978-0-9931987-3-1

Price £6.99

Amazon Reviewer: Each of the stories is fully immersive; addressing each sense and filling it to the whole but the reader still has to keep alert. Many of the stories appear to start in the middle as details are then carefully drip-fed to the reader who must mentally fill in the jig-saw. However, just as a jig saw has some pieces that appear to fit together – appearances are deceptive as happens with the very opening of the first story !

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