Whomerley Wood Moat, Stevenage – The House in the Clearing

9780993198700Believed to have been the home of the de Homeley family in the late thirteenth century, the site of the medieval moated homestead in Whomerley Wood, Stevenage is located about one and a half miles almost due south of the original Saxon settlement around where St. Nicholas Church stands today. Evidence of medieval life has been found there, and excavations on the island have also uncovered relics from Roman times. Most books written about the history of Stevenage mention the moated homestead, but rarely does the subject attract more than a sentence or two. The author has sifted through a huge variety of sources, and has knitted together facts, suppositions and his personal reflections to create a powerful image of times gone by.

ISBN: 978-0-9931987-0-0

Price £5.99

Amazon Reviewer:  I bought three of these as presents. The book takes you back 600 years and describes the evidence that the moat was inhabited. Using maps and sketches the book sets the location of the moat in the context of the original site of Stevenage. A local history book that I actually enjoyed.

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